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Man arrested for sex on High Roller speaks out

Posted at 3:57 PM, Feb 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 15:21:44-05

UPDATE: The crazy story of the two people having sex on top of the High Roller is getting even crazier. We're now learning the man and his fiance came to Las Vegas to get married. But after a fight, Philip Panzica ended up getting frisky with someone else on the High Roller. Now, Panzica and his fiance are opening up to 13 Action News about what led up to the now infamous romp.

Philip Panzica and Mistie Bozant met each other two months ago. They fell in love, got engaged, and came to Vegas to tie the knot.
"We were supposed to get married that day... Friday," said Mistie Bozant.
But things didn't go according to plan when Panzica thought his soon-to-be wife was pregnant with another man's baby.
"I was extremely hurt," said Bozant.
So Panzica took to the streets of Las Vegas to drink and gamble. That's when he met 21-year-old Chloe Scordianos.
"One thing led to another. She was there by herself," said Panzica.
The pair headed to the High Roller. Panzica told 13 Action News that he knew he was going to do 'the hanky panky' before he even got on the ride.
Court documents say witnesses saw the two going at it. Panzica says he didn't know people could see in.
"We get up to the highest point and we were like... We're golden!" said Panzica.
Security told them to stop over the intercom. Documents say the Panzica and Scordianos paused briefly, but kept going despite being told to stop.
Nearly 30 minutes later, the ride ended and the pair was arrested immediately.
"I was drunk and I was running around naked acting like a little kid again," said Panzica.
After two nights behind bars, Panzica's fiance came to his rescue at the tune of $3,000.
"Doesn't that show what a good heart I have?" asked Bozant.
"I really do appreciate it and I feel bad about everything," said Panzica. "The thing that hurts me the most is her kids. I love her babies."

Scordianos and Panzica are due in court on March 9 for negotiations.

ORIGINAL STORY: A man and a woman found themselves in jail recently after attempting to join the Vegas version of the Mile High Club on the Las Vegas Strip.

Chloe Alexis Scordianos, 21, of Hicksville, New York, and Phillip Frank Panzica III, 27, of Houston, Texas, were taken into custody on Feb. 5 after an employee observed them smoking and undressing inside a cabin during a ride on The High Roller Observation Wheel.


The employee says she asked the couple via overhead intercom to put out their cigarettes and to put back on their clothes. The employee says that they complied momentarily before continuing to remove their clothes.

The cabins next to the couple were occupied with guests. The employee says that they could be seen video recording them with their cell phones.

Scordianos and Panzica were taken to the security office after their ride. It was revealed that Panzica had a warrant for his arrest in Laughlin.

When police asked the couple if they knew why they were brought to the security office, they said they were having a good time, and didn't think that anyone would notice.

Police watched surveillance video of the couple and observed Scordianos laying on her back in the center of the cabin. Panzica was on his knees over Scordianos and removed her dress. He also removed his clothes while standing up, exposing his penis and bare buttocks, allowing anyone in public to see.
Several security officers and managers told police that sex acts are becoming more common on the High Roller, and fear it may impact business.
Scordianos and Panzica were arrested and charged with Commission of Certain Sex Acts in Public.
Panzica's girlfriend bailed him out of jail for $3,000. They remain together after his indiscretions. 
A High Roller spokesperson has released the following statement:
“The well-being of everyone riding the High Roller is our top priority and we will continue to offer a safe environment for all our guests, as the same laws apply in our cabins that apply on the ground. This incident was handled according to our policies and procedures as the High Roller attracts thousands of guests daily from around the world and is the most visited paid attraction on the Las Vegas Strip.”



Here is a look from one pod to another. You can make out what is happening even at night, and police say the alleged romp last Friday happened at 3:45 pm.

Posted by Bryan Callahan on Tuesday, February 9, 2016