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County gives street to Faith Lutheran school

Posted at 2:20 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 20:58:42-05
Say "goodbye" to a part of Homestretch Drive. It's the part of the street which separates Faith Lutheran Middle & High School's current campus and land they recently bought for an expansion project. 
On Wednesday, Clark County Commissioners voted to get rid of it by voting unanimously in favor of vacating Homestretch Drive. 
Parents who live in the area are happy.
"The safety of the students is the most important thing," said parent Michelle Edgington. "I'm very happy."
Earlier proposals considered moving the street itself, or building a bridge over the street. 
County commissioners voted to get rid of the street altogether, but they made the decision without seeing a final drawing of the school's plans. It was a move that left some homeowners upset. 
"I'm really disappointed because I feel like we have no control of what's happening to our land," said Susan Calder. Calder was highly opposed to the commission's decision. 
Faith Lutheran school verbally agreed to use part of its new property for pedestrians and cyclists. But more importantly, the school has also agreed to allow emergency vehicle access through the property because without Homestretch Drive, there's no shortcut to Hualapai Way, which is considered a major street in the west valley. 
The expansion project won't be cheap but that doesn't concern Dr. Steve Buuck, Faith Lutheran's CEO.
"There's no amount of money we're not willing to spend so that kids are safe and the community is happy," said Buuck. Although he admitted, "It's going to cost a lot of money."
There's still no word on a final price tag or timeline. 
County commissioners said they would approve the school's final plans during a public meeting, which has not yet been scheduled.