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County taking action against vacant building dubbed 'haven for vagrants'

Posted at 11:20 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-06 10:21:31-04
Clark County is working to get a vacant building that has been dubbed a “haven for vagrants as well as criminal activity” cleaned up.
The former club sits just across the street from the 62 acre plot where the Raiders are planning to build a 65,000 seat domed stadium at Dean Martin Drive and Hacienda Avenue.
The latest notices posted just hours after a two-alarm fire destroyed the inside of the building and left a massive hole in the roof.
The Declaration of Imminent Danger said the “fire damaged building has become a haven for vagrants as well as criminal activity.”
Another letter posted on a boarded door warns the property owners they could daily fines, starting at $100, if the building is not up to county code by June 8th.
Employees at nearby businesses say they constantly deal with vandalism and theft, many pointing to the vacant building when asked who they thought was responsible.
Others said they don’t think anything can keep people from getting in as long as the building remains standing.
"They'll still go in there," Nate Lumpkin said.  "They go in there and they burn up stuff.  It gets cold at night they set a fire."
The Clark County Fire Department has been called to the property four times since August of 2016.
A spokesperson for the county said they had received multiple complaints in the last year or so, noting they have one complaint currently open.
Records showed the property had an estimated value of around $2.9 million when it was last sold in 2010.
With the Raiders paying $77.5 million for the 62 acres across the street, many would consider the former club to be prime real estate.
Neighbors say they just want to see something done to improve the problem.