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Costco removes homeless camp near Summerlin park

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 14, 2017

Neighbors near a Summerlin park say a homeless camp behind Costco wouldn't leave for weeks.

They say people have been in and out of their HOA-managed park near Charleston Boulevard and Pavilion Center Drive for almost a year, and recently a tent was set up, leaving a mess and graffiti.

One neighbor tells us he was walking his dog and saw a homeless man yelling and screaming, apparently arguing with himself.

Another says she carries pepper spray while she walks her dog with her daughter.

They tried without luck to call Las Vegas police and their Summerlin HOA, but they realized the camp wasn't on their property. It's up against a wall that's actually owned by the Costco in the shopping center behind them.

13 Action News brought the issue to Costco's attention, and they had maintenance remove the tent.

Neighbors say they're grateful, but will continue to keep a lookout in case the problem comes back.