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State unemployment office reminds Nevadans of federal benefits ending

DETR letter
Posted at 1:38 PM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-03 16:43:25-04

CARSON CITY (KTNV) — The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) wants to ensure all claimants receiving federal extended unemployment insurance benefits understand that these programs end on Sept. 4.

The last paying benefit week is the week ending Sept. 4. The last time claimants can file for these benefits is Sept. 5-18, according to DETR.

Regular unemployment insurance (UI) will be the only benefits program going forward.

Since these are federal and not state funds, the benefits expire even for claimants who show a balance on their claims. The balance is the amount a claimant may have received if the pandemic benefits were extended by congress.

Claimants who are waiting for an eligibility determination or appeal decision for any of the federal programs should continue to file weekly through the week ending Sept. 4. If they are determined to be eligible, they will be paid all benefits that were filed up to the date the federal programs expire.

For Nevadans who are unemployed or underemployed, DETR created this document with information about statewide resources from job search help and grants for training, to assistance with childcare, food stamps and legal aid regarding eviction notices. The document will continue to be updated as circumstances change.

“We want to ensure all Nevadans are aware of the available resources around the state since so many folks are still getting back on their feet from the devastation the pandemic has caused,” said DETR Director Elisa Cafferata.

The following federal programs expire Sept. 4:

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), which provided an additional $300 weekly payment for any claimant that is eligible for at least $1 of an underlying unemployment compensation program.
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) provided benefits for claimants who were unemployed as a direct result of COVID-19 and not eligible for regular unemployment insurance or PEUC, including those who are self-employed or are gig workers.
  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), which provides an extension of benefits after a claimant exhausts regular unemployment.

The following state program expires Sept. 11:

  • State Extended Benefits (SEB) is an additional 13 weeks of federally funded benefits for claimants who exhausted their regular unemployment benefits during periods of high state unemployment.

On Sept. Nevada reverts to its regular unemployment insurance (UI) base period model. Benefits are based on the claimant’s wages reported by their employers during a certain amount of time, known as the base period. To learn more about the base period and how weekly UI benefits are calculated, please see the claimant handbook found at this link. Additionally, helpful videos are found at UI.nv.gov under the Claimant tab.

As has always been the mission, DETR continues to connect people with the services and support they need to find a job and be successful, and train for new careers.

Claimants, and all Nevadans who are unemployed or looking to change jobs or find a new career, are invited to use EmployNV.gov. This useful resource helps with drafting resumes and applications, finding open jobs, and learning more about training and upskilling for in-demand careers. Many training options also offer financial assistance.

To have a JobConnect representative contact you for personalized work search assistance fill out this online form.

For a list of workforce partners currently offering in-person services click here.

The Employment Recovery Program through Nevadaworks in northern and rural Nevada, helps displaced workers apply for training programs to work in positions that expand their skills, as well as offers childcare, resume writing and mock interview practice. Find out more at this link.