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‘Startup in Residence’ Program proposes employees to receive emergency alerts, be able to work remotely

Posted at 1:06 PM, Aug 18, 2020

As part of a Startup in Residence Program, Clark County has asked interested vendors and organizations to submit proposals as part of a civic challenge that furnish:

- A comprehensive, effective, and robust solution to provide emergency alerting to County personnel via message scrolling across laptop or desktop screens as well as mobility solutions such as phones or tablets, and

- A toolkit of solutions to enable County employees to work safely and efficiently while working remotely.

Interested vendors and organizations can learn more about the projects and submit proposals online. Applications are due Sept. 4. I

Information about the emergency alerting challenge may be found here.

Information about the remote work proposal may be found here.

Since 2014, nearly 80 businesses from around the world have provided technology solutions to cities, counties, states, MPOs, and transit agencies including San Francisco, Long Beach, Syracuse, Kansas City, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, and San Jose.

Examples of previous projects include streamlining the foster care application process, homeless health services, creating volunteer engagement processes, and developing tools to prepare for emergency response.

All STIR projects aim to provide improved tools and services to constituents, or provide government staff with tools so they can provide better service to constituents.