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Report: Internet speeds in Nevada up 15% this year

Posted at 12:49 PM, Nov 19, 2020

A recent report from WhistleOut revealed internet speeds in Nevada went from 83.4 Mbps to 96.0 Mbps since the COVID-19 started, a change of 15.0%.

Here are some other highlights from the report:

- You may expect internet speeds to slow down with the extra strain, but the average internet speed in the US increased after the pandemic started, from 84.9 Mbps to 94.6 Mbps.

- This could be due to consumers upgrading their internet and testing their new connection, or because some Internet Service Providers increased overall internet speeds in response to the pandemic.

- The states with the biggest increases in internet speeds were Wyoming (52% increase), Alaska (40% increase), and Kentucky (37% increase).

- The states with the biggest decreases in internet speeds were West Virginia (13% decrease), Hawaii (8% decrease), Delaware (8% decrease).

The full report can be viewed by clicking here.