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NV Energy explains power bill relief, payment options

Posted at 7:58 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 22:58:50-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — With the temperatures going up in the Las Vegas valley and more people staying at home during the coronavirus crisis, your energy bill could be higher than expected.

While there are no plans to reduce current energy rates, according to NV Energy, the power company says it is helping its customers in other ways.

"April 1, our rates did go down. So, our customers should see a rate decrease of about $4, that's the average decrease for the customers," said Jennifer Schuricht, communications manager with NV Energy.

"We also have a rate decrease that we have filed earlier in the year and that will go into effect by Oct 1. We will also be filing a rate decrease in June that will seek to lower rates by about $120 million for Nevada customers," Schuricht said.

NV Energy representatives also said it was the first utility in Nevada to suspend disconnects and late fees for customers who have been impacted financially by COVID- 19.

For those who need help with their payments, NV Energy has different payment assistance options available such as an equal pay program and flex-pay program.

Also, here are a few ways you can reduce your power consumption:

-Set your thermostat at 68 degrees during cooler months, and 78 when it is warmer.
-Run full loads in your clothes washer and dryer, and dishwasher.
-Shut off lights, ceiling fans, appliances and electronics when not in use.
-Vacuum the coils underneath and behind your refrigerator to help it run more efficiently.
-Dress according to the weather.
-Keep your freezer as full as possible. You can place containers or plastic bottles filled with water in the empty spaces.
-Unplug your televisions/DVD/DVR when you're on vacation. Most new sets draw power even when they're turned off.
-If your A/C unit is on the ground, keep the area around it clean and free of obstructions to maintain airflow.
-Close foundation vents in the winter months.
-Clean the reflectors underneath the burners on stove-tops.
-Set your water heater to 120 degrees.

NV Energy can also be contacted online or by calling 702-402-5555.