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New data shows interest to eat out back to pre-pandemic levels

Posted at 1:04 PM, Jun 25, 2020

Chef's Pencil has released a new report today that analyzes America's interest for eating out.

Google data shows that searches for restaurants have spiked recently and are close, and for some states even above pre-pandemic levels.

16.6 million searches are performed in Google every month by patrons looking for restaurants nearby.

Nationwide figures vary and there are wide differences among the states. The people most itching to dine in town are the good people of South Carolina. With a rating of 100 they top the list.

Next comes Florida (87), Georgia (85), Tennessee (82), and North Carolina (81).

The state of Nevada is ranked 60 ahead of popular states such as California (46) and New York (43).

The full report can be seen here.