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Las Vegas company invents 'gaming barriers' for casinos

Posted at 2:03 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 19:41:58-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Screaming Images, a Las Vegas printing company, relies heavily for business on creating large scale banners for events like the Electric Daisy Carnival and sporting events.

That industry has been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Screaming Images owner James Swanson said they retooled their business to help Las Vegas reopen safely with their "Keep Vegas Clean" initiative.

"I had to furlough a bunch of people that I love very much," Swanson said, "and I want to bring them back as soon as possible."

The first move they made was to invent a barrier to encourage social distancing at casinos in the valley they call "Gaming Barrier."

The barrier is made of flexible clear acrylic separating the dealer from players and players from each other.

Swanson said they already had a supplier, Laird Plastics, who could provide a quality acrylic to create the Gaming Barrier.

Special Projects Engineer Torre said the barriers have gone through 4 phases of improvement as they tested the product at tables at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino.

"It looks good. Efficient," Torre said, "it's safe for the employees. It's safe for the customers."

Torre said the Gaming Barrier can be installed by three people in around 15 minutes, it doesn't damage the table, and can be easily removed.

"This is going to be a temporary thing, we hope," he said.

The Gaming Barrier is one part of their "Keep Vegas Clean" initiative.

Swanson said they're also working on acrylic barriers for ride share vehicles called Share Shield, smaller barriers to separate slot machines, point of sale barriers, and graphics to help casinos to enforce social distancing directives when they're allowed to reopen.

Swanson said the Gaming Barrier and slot barriers are in their final testing phases, and the Share Shield is in early development.

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