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Las Vegas nurse makes miraculous recovery, beats coronavirus

Posted at 8:49 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 02:52:07-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The staff at Southern Hills Hospital held a special surprise for a nurse who defied the odds and recovered from a near-deadly case of the coronavirus.

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Much like a warrior, nothing would stand in the way of Bessy Angue.

“Just to open my eyes and find out that I’m still alive was fantastic,” Angue.

It was an emotional reunion as Angue saw her family again face-to-face for the first time in weeks.

Also, hospital staff and Chance the Golden Knights Mascot greeted her outside.

Angue is a nurse at Mountain View Hospital, and caught COVID-19 while taking care of patients there.

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She was treated at Mountain View’s sister hospital, Southern Hills.

“To see her recovery and how incredible she’s done, she’s such a fighter, it’s so rewarding,” says Alexis Mussi, CEO of Southern Hills Hospital.

The hospital says Angue was one of their most critical patients, and that there were many days the staff didn’t know if she’d make it.

Dr. Christopher Voscopoulos was one of those by her side in the intensive care unit.

“I was worried maybe that our nursing staff might be fearful because they looked their own mortality in the eyes, but not a single member of our staff reacted that way,” says Dr. Voscopoulos.

On Tuesday, Angue headed home ahead of schedule.

The hospital thought she wouldn't be well enough until next week.

“I’m still trying to fight this battle but one day at a time, I’ll get through it,” say Angue.

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