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Las Vegas nonprofit Kyler's Kicks hit hard by the coin shortage

Posted at 7:07 AM, Jul 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-21 22:10:33-04

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a nationwide coin shortage, and one Las Vegas area nonprofit says it has been hit especially hard by fewer coins in circulation.

"Quarters are a really big need in the community," said Kyler Nipper, founder of the nonprofit Kyler's Kicks, which donates shoes and provides other services to kids in need.

The nonprofit was born after Nipper was stabbed over his shoes when he was 11. He says he wants to prevent that from happening to others, and now, at 14 years old, he has given away more than 36,000 shoes.


Kyler's Kicks also understands the importance of having clean clothes.

"It is really awesome to have clean clothes and walk around with great self-confidence," said Nipper, "but it is really hard to do that if you don't have quarters to wash them."

Nipper says the organization donates $30 a week in quarters for laundromat visits to each family to help ensure kids have a way to wash their clothes.


But because of the coin shortage, Kyler's Kicks does not have enough quarters to both: wash donated clothes that need to be delivered to new owners and also give out quarters to families with teens that need to wash the clothes they already own.

As a result, he says he has been giving the quarters away to the families and could use help with the donations.

For anyone looking for ways to help, or to learn more about Kyler's Kicks, visit the nonprofit's website at kylerskickslv.org.