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WARNING: Individuals unlawfully impersonating Nevada OSHA Officials

Posted at 2:54 PM, Dec 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-11 17:57:53-05

The Division of Industrial Relations has received several reports indicating that individuals - posing as Nevada OSHA officials - are making contact with businesses in northern Nevada.

The division is providing the following information for the education and safety of employers and their staff.

How can a business be sure that the person presenting themselves is an official OSHA inspector and not an impersonator?

OSHA inspectors are required to present their credentials whenever they make contact with management representatives, employees (to conduct interviews) or organized labor representatives while conducting an official inspection.

At the beginning of the inspection the OSHA inspector will locate the owner representative, operator, or agent in charge at the workplace and present credentials.

Can an OSHA inspector issue a citation on the spot?

No, OSHA inspectors must follow specific protocols to conduct an inspection and do not issue citations or assess penalties on the spot.

What should a business do if it suspects a person is impersonating an OSHA official?

If you suspect a person is impersonating an OSHA inspector, ask the person to present their credentials and get their name. Write down any other information that may be helpful to identify the individual. Report the incident to Nevada OSHA at (702) 486-9020 or (775) 688-3700.

If the person is posing an imminent threat or disruption, please contact local law enforcement.

What are the consequences of impersonating an OSHA inspector?

It is a misdemeanor to impersonate an OSHA inspector.