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Nevada DMV appointment system creating frustration for residents during pandemic

Posted at 3:13 PM, Sep 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 00:32:25-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If you’re trying to renew or get a new driver’s license in Nevada, you may be waiting a while. Some Las Vegas residents say they’re frustrated about their inability to make an appointment at the DMV.

You won’t see long lines outside of the DMV currently, but the frustrations are still there, with residents saying they can’t schedule an appointment as the department is all booked up.

“I’m making every effort locally and there’s a DMV office in Henderson that I should be able to take advantage of and renew my license just like everybody else can," said local Lou Irigoyen.

Nevada DMV to offer extended hours weekdays, close Saturdays

For Irigoyen, his license expires in mid-October and he has been trying to renew it but has had no luck finding any appointments, even in November at Vegas-area offices.

“So, I’m thinking I have one of two choices. I can either drive around with an expired driver’s license and hope for the best or drive all the way to Carson City and renew there locally, which I think is a total inconvenience,” Irigoyen said.

Ken Clymer is a local senior citizen and says he goes in person to the DMV to renew his license while doing his required test but is also finding it hard to get an appointment.

“It seems like the government has made it more challenging for people,” Clymer said.

The Nevada DMV says its offices are working at 50 percent capacity to follow social distancing guidelines. It says the appointments are on a rolling 90-day calendar with new times opening up in early December.

Representatives also say the department is working on making online renewals possible that would help around 75,000 Nevadans.

Hundreds turned away from DMV due to new 'appointment only' policies

“Most people have to renew once every eight years and come October, we’ll allow you to renew by internet or mail once,” said Kevin Malone, public information officer for the DMV.

The department also plans on expanding mail-in renewals and are accommodating license-holders who are over 65 with extra steps.

“If you’re 65 to 70 you have to have an eye exam, and if you’re 71 or older, you have to have an eye exam and a physician’s note,” Malone said.

Irigoyen says he’s glad to hear the DMV is creating an online renewal option but hopes it gets set up in time.

“So that’s great that they are coming up with a change, but if the change doesn’t happen by the time it hits me, pretty much my goose is cooked as the saying goes,” he said.

The DMV wouldn’t specify a date in October as to when the online renewal platform would begin, but Malone says they are working on making it happen. He encouraged people to continue checking the appointment website when new dates become available.