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City of Las Vegas allowing brew pubs to offer curbside pickup of alcohol, food

Posted at 1:15 PM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-11 00:09:46-04

The city of Las Vegas will allow brew pubs to have curbside pickup and delivery of food and alcohol.

Many liquor establishments that only serve alcohol were interested in adding a restaurant component in order to allow curbside pickup or delivery. The city of Las Vegas was able to provide a process where these establishments could get approved for a restaurant license by selling very basic food that requires some level of food preparation such as hot dogs/sausages on heated rollers or sandwich prep/assembly with a panini press. This program has a minimal impact on codes and regulations, while still meeting the minimum qualifications of business licensing for operators to run a restaurant and provide meals.

The city previously allowed restaurants the opportunity to deliver alcohol along with food, as well as curbside alcohol with meal pickup. The city is also allowing liquor establishments to deliver alcohol. The city has heard from business owners that these programs are especially helpful, as their operations are being impacted due to closures/restrictions relating to the coronavirus.

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If you are a city business owner with questions about business licensing during this time, please visit http://lasvegasnevada.gov/coronaviruslicensing for time-limited permits, renewal information and more.