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Connectivity issues might impact local students

Posted at 8:00 PM, Aug 23, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Tomorrow marks the first day of class for the Clark County School District, the fifth-largest school district in the nation. However, not every family is prepared since they don’t have the tools they need for their first day.

Some parents are stressed about what may happen tomorrow and how this may impact thousands of students in Nevada.

“Honestly, I just hope everybody can log in tomorrow and the internet works, and that we all get from one meeting to the next virtually. That needs to happen and that there are no tears, to me that would be a success," said Rebecca Garcia.

Besides raising her kids, she is the administrator of “CCSD Parents”, a Facebook group for CCSD parents, where many have shared their concerns and fears for this school year. Some of them do not have Chromebooks or WiFi connections.

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“I know so many families who have tried to do test runs in the last month, who have 3, 4, 5, kids and it’s not working because their internet does not have the capacity to handle all of their kids online at the same time. Yet schools have built schedules that mirror in-person learning," shared Garcia.

The Public Education Fund, part of the Nevada Connect Kids Initiative, says that in the past few weeks, more than 50,000 students who need devices have been helped and 6,000 are being connected through the Family Support Center. They know that thousands of others still need help.

“Unfortunately, it all won’t happen tomorrow, but we have made huge strides in the past few weeks and we are redoubling our effort and we are not going to stop until every kid is connected,” said President of the Public Education Fund Kirsten Searer.

Searer also said that right now it is not known how long it would take to help all students,.

Just days ago CCSD asked parents to fill out a survey online, called “Emergency Roll Call” to let them know about any connectivity issues. So far parents of almost 70,000 students have responded.

If you’re a CCSD parent, you can fill out the survey at aarsiapps.ccsd.net/survey

Also, the CCSD Department of Communications recommended that any student or family needing connection should call the Family Support Center at 888-616-2476.