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Class of 2020 share their senior high school experience amid the pandemic

Posted at 5:21 AM, May 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 10:33:56-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — May 20th is the last day of school for CCSD students and it's usually full of excitement and anticipation for summer, but this year is very different. This morning we want to honor all the hard work from students across the valley -- especially seniors.

Nina Porciuncula: What has this last portion of your senior year been like?

Kylah Collins, Spring Valley HS: For me personally I was just starting my spring sport and so that's when practice is canceled before I knew it school was canceled. I just feel like remote learning has gone to a totally different High here because everybody's using it.


Nina Porciuncula: Were any of you at all able to say goodbye to your friends, teachers at all?

Mariana Dame, Durango HS: On the last day I have this feeling that we were not going to come back next Monday so I just said bye to my two favorite teachers and I just say goodbye to them and give them thank you for everything that happened just in case we're not back.

Nina Porciuncula: What are your plans moving forward?

Aaliyah Thomas, Western HS: I plan on going to USC to major in Lifespan Health so that's my plan but right now right now I'm just working cause we’re out of school so I’m just working to support my family.

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Nina Porciuncula: If you can talk to other seniors right now, what would your message be?

Kylah Collins, Spring Valley HS: I guess I would say that even if things didn’t end up the way we want them to. We just have to look back on the last four years and like remember all that we've gained.

Aaliyah Thomas, Western HS: And this pandemic is just another thing that is just going to make us learn to respect the time we have with our families.

Mariana Dame, Durango HS: Don’t let this thing stop you because I think this is like a challenge for us that is going to make us more stronger.