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Aldape's grocery store in Laughlin is closing

Posted at 10:48 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 08:48:32-04

LAUGHLIN (KTNV) — The only grocery store in Laughlin is closing after feeling the business effects of COVID-19.

Aldape's has been serving the community since 1987, and it has become a staple in the community, but now its customers will have to get their groceries somewhere else.

Thursday, the shelves were almost empty since several items had a deep discount.

Employees told 13 Action News off-camera that it was their last day, making it a bittersweet time for everyone involved.

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Some customers just went there to say goodbye to those employees, who have become family. Dorothy Cooper was one of them.

She's been a customer since 1988 and has fond memories of the store, and it's employees. She also understands the struggle that several people will have to get food, especially those who don't have a car.

"Stay home and starve? People have to eat, out seniors Need medicine, they have to have those, those are essential", she said.

One of those seniors is Orval Hutton. He walked several blocks with a shopping cart on Thursday; he was able to buy just a couple of things at Aldape's.

He lamented the store was closing because he regularly buys the meat and fresh produce. Now he will have to figure it out by going to Bullhead City's supermarkets or buy what he can find at the few convenience stores in Laughlin.

Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft said some of those convenience stores would bring more products and that there are a couple of options for those affected.

Silver Rider, the organizational branding of the Southern Nevada Transit Coalition, will start offering on Saturday's a bus ride to Bullhead City - specifically to Safeway and Walmart. It is by reservation only, and it has a cost of $2.

"Buses that could normally accommodate 14 individuals are now at five people in total to keep people spaced out", Naft said.

There are also county programs that could make a difference, like food banks. For example, Three Square helps to provide food for the Colorado River Food Pantry.

"If you need them, don't be bashful, take advantage of those services," Naft said.