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$726M in rent at risk with Gen Z moving back home

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 19:01:11-04

A new Zillow analysis shows millions of young people who moved back in with their parents as unemployment soared in March and April pay an estimated $726 million in rent each month that’s now at risk.

In Las Vegas, 9.2% of renters are in Gen Z (18-25), and those that moved home in March and April represent $4.6 million in monthly rent payments at risk – 1% of the market.

The moves were mostly driven by unemployment, though some likely moved home when their college campus closed.

Their next move could have far-reaching effects on the housing market, potentially causing rent growth to slow or delaying their parents from downsizing.

The full report can be viewed here.