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New coronavirus cases prompt school responses, expert travel tips

Posted at 6:54 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-28 10:31:46-05

NEVADA (KTNV) — As travelers continue to be screened at airports across the nation for coronavirus, questions remain for schools and travelers on what to do.

AAA says the first thing you should do before departing is to see a doctor.

“Make an appointment with the doctor. Who better to know how this health situation can impact you?” Sergio Avila, an AAA spokesman, said.

Avila also recommends checking your travel insurance to see if it includes health coverage, as it may have changed with the virus spreading.

“One of the largest travel insurance providers already sees coronavirus as a known event. So if you purchased travel insurance after Jan. 22, you might not be covered for that situation.”

As far as flight cancellations, policies can vary with different airlines.

The spread of the virus already caused educators from China and South Korea to cancel and miss the NABE conference in Las Vegas.

“Of course, we stand with them in solidarity and our prayers go out to all the people from China,” Josefina Tinajero, NABE president, said.

AAA also suggested knowing where U.S. embassies and consulates are in foreign countries.

“They can be a connection between you and family during an emergency,” Avila said.

Most of all, Avila urged travelers to be aware of any travel restrictions or warnings through the Centers for Disease Control.

“People need to be well informed and know what exactly is going on, especially if they’re planning to travel,” he said.

The coronavirus has impacted education around the world, with Japan shutting down schools for a month.

With the spread of the coronavirus beginning to reach more places around the world, the CDC is warning schools about taking precautions.

CCSD says it’s been working with the Southern Nevada Health District, saying in part:

“We ask parents not to send students to school if they may be sick. Keeping your sick child home will be a great benefit for the health and wellness of students and staff.”

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It also recommends students who arrived back from China after February 2nd to self-quarantine and monitor their health for 14 days.

Local universities have already taken some action.

At UNLV, administrators say they had a handful of students return to the U.S. after studying abroad in China. Representatives said moving them back was in an abundance of caution, and the school is monitoring all aspects of the issue. Study abroad programs in China and South Korea have also halted.

Nevada State College released a letter to students and faculty about the coronavirus saying they’re in communication with the CDC and the SNHD.

It also urged them to “avoid stereotyping or stigmatizing any individuals or groups in the NSC and global community.”

At Touro University, officials said they were developing contingency plans for the coronavirus but not yet ready to share specific details.

Most of the schools that responded also have been urging people to take preventative measures to prevent the spread of germs such as washing your hands and not coming to work if you’re sick.