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Coronavirus concerns affecting local tour agency

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-29 21:44:59-05

Concerns over the virus now in the United States is affecting tourism here in the valley.

Inside America Asia Travel Center in Chinatown, workers have constantly been on the phone.

“A lot of phone calls It’s either for postponing schedules or cancelling tours or airline tickets.

Iris Zhang is a travel consultant there and says the novel coronavirus outbreak in China Has affected her business.

“My sub-agent for the tour group, they already cancelled 70 people, 100 people. All cancelled,” Zhang said.

She says this time of year is usually busy with the Lunar New Year celebrations.

“Last year we we’re pretty busy. People we’re coming to conventions or people were going on individual tours or company group tours. This year, we are really slow,” she said.

That means less traffic in the Chinatown Plaza.

“We didn’t see much tour buses, we didn’t see individual passengers coming from China.”

Zhang says she’s been keeping tabs on the outbreak in China herself. Her family is in Beijing, but she is worried for others.

“I have friends in Wuhan, and they’re worried about their families,” she said.

She hopes doctors will be able to find a cure to stop it’s spread.

“I just hope this medicine can come quickly to help the people.”