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Convenience store expo features healthier food on the go

Posted at 4:22 PM, Oct 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-08 09:16:28-04

The National Association of Convention Stores (NACS) is holding their annual expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week debuting thousands of new products ready to hit the shelves across the country.

When you hear the phrase "convenience store." you don't always think about healthy food options but with the trend these days, more and more companies are creating products that are not just healthy but also you can eat on the go.

Jeff Leonard of NACS says, "Las Vegas really fits convenience stores. We're a 24-hour lifestyles. We're not judgment zones."

In a city like Las Vegas where everyone seems to be in a rush, saving time means saving money.

That's why NACS holds their expo here every other year.

More than 25,000 attendees are expected to see new and different kinds of grab-and -o products that can do more than just one thing. Maybe a water that has health benefits and vitamins plus caffeine and tastes like juice. Another thing that's trending says Leonard, "One of the trends we're really seeing is people are using those cup holders for snacks for food for even meals on the go."

Grab-and-go snacks and meals like a drinkable soup, or a yogurt with added nutritional value are also some of the highlights. Leonard adds, that's what people are into nowadays.

But it's not always about being health conscious. Sometimes we want sweet treats too. One of the items yet to come to Vegas is edible cookie dough by Cookies-N-Milk. Mike Blasko says "Just pop them into a cup holder. Instead of a lot of the other cookie dough that are out there that you kind of have to use a spoon and eat while you're driving, this is driver friendly. You can grab and pop them in."

The NACS Show 2018 kicks off Monday until Wednesday afternoon at the Las Vegas Convention Center.