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Some pre-Black Friday deals to take advantage of

Posted at 7:17 AM, Oct 20, 2015
Starting to make that holiday shopping list? If so, you're probably planning to do a lot of your shopping around Thanksgiving and Black Friday. But there are some things you should by right now in order to get the best deal.
With the exception of Halloween sales, stores tend to be fairly quiet in October. That's because many of us are waiting for the big holiday season sales to start in November.
But DealNews.com says that's not always a good idea. It says October, not November, brings lower prices on a number of items. For example:
-- Cars: dealers clear will out the remaining 2015 models in October.
-- There's also winter vacation deals: prices actually start going up Nov. 1.
-- That includes cruises: they also go up Nov. 1.
-- Then there's patio furniture: It's at its lowest price of the year in October.
-- And camping gear: Stores are clearing out the 2015 merchandise right now.
Deal News also says big electronic markdowns start the week before Thanksgiving. But the Contact 13 bottom line is, ignore the myth that everything is the cheapest during Black Friday weekend.
However, one thing you definitely want to wait to buy are toys. Prices are actually lower 2 weeks after Thanksgiving.