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UPDATE: Service dog returned to veteran

Posted at 6:43 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-27 14:44:55-05

UPDATE: The dog is back with his owner after his photo was shared on social media.

During the reunion, it was hugs all around between Eric Fair and his dog Cerberous. Fair had planned to show the dog just how much he is loved.

"Tonight I am going to give him a steak with A1 sauce and give him whatever he wants, because I am so happy he is back."

Ramon and Laura Torres looked for the dog's owner for two days but it was a friend sharing the post on a lost pets page that helped connect the dots. They were thankful to be able to reunite Fair with his dog.

"It goes to show how important how important service dogs are to our military," Ramon said. "We can't be happier to have been part of this and get the dog back to him."

Fair was thankful to people for sharing the story through social media.

"It shows how loving and compassionate people really can be," he said.  


A war veteran suffering from PTSD is desperately searching for his service dog, after he says it was stolen from his friend's front yard.  

Retired Coast Guardsman Eric Fair can't believe his beloved dog is gone.  

"I even found myself eating a sandwich yesterday, and I was going to give him the leftovers," says Fair.  "But then I realized he wasn't even there to give him the leftovers." 

Fair suffers from PTSD from his time serving our country, and his dog was given to him by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"He can always sense how I'm feeling," says Fair.  "It comforts me to have him around." 

The dog goes with him everywhere, and a couple days ago, the two were on their morning run, but Fair's medication gave him a bloody nose.  He took his dog and ran to his nearest friend's house to wash up.  He tied his dog to a tree in the front yard, but when he walked out of the house, his dog was gone.  

"It was panic," says Fair.  "I was distraught." 

Fair is left to cope with his PTSD alone, and hope someone has seen his service dog.  

His friend, Kevin, is offering a reward for anyone who can help return the dog, and says anybody with solid leads can message him directly.  

Anybody who may have seen the dog can contact the Humane Society or a local shelter.