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North Las Vegas residents disgusted with pigeons

Posted at 7:36 AM, Dec 08, 2015

People living in one North Las Vegas community say the amount of pigeons there have left their homes and streets in a disgusting mess.  

One couple, JoLynn and Ray Templin, reached out to Action News because they didn't know who to ask for help.

They've lived in the community near R.C. Farms for several years. Within the past few months, they said they've been experiencing an infestation of pigeons and black birds.  

R.C. Farms has been sitting just miles from the Las Vegas strip for about 50 years.  

It's been praised for being a recycling visionary, but also criticized for being a nuisance to neighbors.  

"I think it should be the pig farm doing something about it," says JoLynn Templin.  

After several calls and talking with city officials, Action News learned the pigeon problem is the homeowner's responsibility.  

Pigeons are considered pests and should be treated like any other pest.  

There are pigeon control companies in the valley, but the Templin's still feel like they were misled.  "

"That's just wrong, there should have never been anybody building homes or any kind of property up here," says JoLynn Templin. 

Action News reached out to R.C. Farms for comment, and haven't yet heard back.