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Job training available in Las Vegas for a wide range of industries

Posted at 5:31 PM, May 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 20:31:29-04

You don't need a degree to find a good job in Las Vegas. But getting special training in the field of your choice certainly can help your chances. As Contact 13 learned, some job seekers are getting that training for free.

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"I was like oh my gosh, what am I going to do?" says Connie Ennuncio.

She found herself looking for a job, when her computer business was forced to close.

To make matters worse...

"I got divorced. I had to live in my friend's house," says Connie.

That's when she learned about a special program at the College of Southern Nevada. Take a look -- you can take certified training for everything from Air Conditioning Technology to Cyber Security, and from Hotel Management to Pastry Arts. The courses can span anywhere from 4 weeks to 16 weeks.

"All they need is their GED, the high school equivalency as it's referred to now," says Ricardo Villalobos, CSN Division of Workforce & Economic Development.

He says the programs range in cost from a couple hundred to $1,000 or more. But if you can't afford it, don't worry.

"The Department of Labor allocates employment and training funds," says Villalobos.

And if you qualify, you can earn a grant that covers 100 percent of the cost. They'll even provide you with your books, plus a bus pass to get you to class.

"As a taxpayer, we're investing so people can become economically stable. Which in turn means, they'll be able to become taxpayers themselves," says Villalobos.

That's exactly what Connie did. She took an 8-week course, and now she's working as a home care provider.

"Look at me. I start all over again. Never is too late," says Connie.

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