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HOA tells single mom to move security cameras

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 00:17:27-04
A single mom wants to live in peace and protect her child. But she says her HOA is making life more difficult, telling her to remove what she says is a critical line of defense.   
"I'm angry and I'm scared," says Julianna Ferguson. "I basically fear for the life of me and my child because...they're taking away my right to protect myself and my family."
Julianna has reason to be afraid.
"The restraining order was actually just granted in April."
The order was filed against a resident who Julianna says has been a serious problem for years. 
But that's not her only security  problem in the Sunrise Ridge HOA on the eastside of town.  
"Someone came into the garage while I was home and scratched my truck from front to back on both sides all the way down to the metal."
She called police but she was told not much can be done without proof.
"There's nothing I could do that would protect me unless I have cameras to catch whoever did it," Julianna says. 
So she had cameras installed on the garage and front porch.   
Julianna says she spoke to two of her HOA board members who didn't see the cameras as a problem. 
But recently she got a letter saying the cameras couldn't be attached to the building. Julianna doesn't understand why given a court recognizes there's a serious threat.
Besides she notes, "If you look around you see security gates that are drilled into the building. You see satellite dishes that are drilled into the building." 
Julianna says the HOA will let her have cameras inside her home pointing out through the windows. But she tried that already saying, "The cameras on the inside of the house create a blind spot to where it wouldn't protect my property fully."
The HOA letter says the cameras must be gone by June 26.
"If I don't remove them on my own," she says citing the letter, "they will come onto my property and they will remove them for me."
Julianna says she wants to know who will be accountable if something happens to her or her child if the cameras are taken down.
A Sunrise Ridge HOA board member we reached Thursday declined our request for an interview and would not comment. 
We also left a message with the property management company.