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Energy efficient washing machine complaints

Posted at 11:00 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 02:40:46-04
Washing machines these days are all about energy efficiency, and saving you money. But we have a warning tonight, before you invest in a new washer. Contact 13 looks at one type of machine with a growing number of complaints.
Many of the latest high efficiency washing machines promise to lower your water bill. But a growing number of people are complaining, these new washers aren't getting the job done. Ed Wallace is a firefighter who takes pride in his appearance and cleanliness. But that recently changed.
"I walked past my guys, and they say Dude you stink," says Ed.
He couldn't believe it.
"I smell myself, and yeah, that's me stinking," says Ed.
Ed thinks the problem might be with is his brand new high efficiency washing machine from Whirlpool. He says it doesn't use enough water to clean his clothes.
"I have dry spots after I pull my clothes out of the washing machine... because it won't fill up with enough water and it's not getting all my clothes wet," says Ed.
Ed says he's tried a bunch of different detergents, but it hasn't made a difference.
"Here's the feature, deep water, they want you to use," says Ed.
Ed says he's tried using the maximum water feature. But after it fills up:
"Look at the water in there, almost none," says Ed.
Whirlpool explains these machines are designed to save money, adding water based on the weight of the clothes. But online forums and Amazon reviews, are filled with hundreds of complaints involving similar high efficiency top load washing machines.
After contacting the store where Ed bought his washing machine, they agreed to let him swap it for another washer. As for Whirlpool, the company says it's now investigating Ed's complaints. But it points out, many of its other washing machines get excellent reviews.