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Dispute over prices for new Star Wars movie toys

Posted at 6:06 AM, Sep 30, 2015
Some unhappy Star Wars fans want their money back. After rushing to get their hands on the new round of toys for the up coming movie, Contact 13 has learned many are suffering from buyer's remorse.
Anxious shoppers lining up for hours, for a special midnight sale. But this isn't Black Friday. These are shoppers earlier this month, snapping up toys from the new Star Wars movie: "The Force Awakens." But some are discovering they may have overpaid. And now they want to know if there's anyway to get thier money back. Stephanie Kingery decided to surprise her husband, ordering from the Toys R Us website.
"I later found out it was on sale....within the same day, within hours," says Stephanie.
She paid $109 for the "Millenium Force Drone." But later that day the price fell by $20. So she called Toys R Us.
"They suggested I print out my email confirmation, to show that I had proof of purchase, and take it to my store, my local store, and they would reimburse me the difference," says Stephanie.
So she went to the store.
"She couldn't even find that I had purchased it, but I had my confirmation email, my purchase number, I had the item number, and the more searching she did, she couldn't even find a record that I had purchased it," says Stephanie.
So out of frustration, Stephanie bought this one off the shelves for the new low price. Toys R Us has a 7 day price adjustment policy. But without a record of the sale, she has to wait for her toy to show up, in order to get her money back. All stores have their own return policies and procedures. So be sure you know the rules. And just like Stephanie learned, understand it can take some work.
"I'm assuming I can return it back to the store, but I was trying to avoid a second trip," says Stephanie.