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Controversial flyer changes after initially advertising Raiders' Stadium jobs to black men, women

Posted at 11:00 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 13:48:26-04

New concerns over another job flyer targeting those interested in working on the new Raider's Stadium. We told you last month how a flyer attracted hundreds to what was thought to be a job fair, but actually wasn't. So contract 13 reached out to organizers to learn more about their latest event.

"Let me set the record straight. It was never a job fair. The first event was to collect data. Because first of all we have to organize. If we want people to get employed, we have to know what they're in need of; whether they're in need of identification, a GED, an OSHA 10 certification. Things of that nature," says Freda Jackson with the Get Active Foundation.

Things of that nature is what the Foundation hopes to provide at their latest event on Thursday, August 10th. They're calling it a Pre-Job Readiness Orientation. It's all happening at the Cashman Theater. The question is, who exactly will be providing job seekers with assistance?

So 13 Action News Anchor Tricia Kean asked, "Who from OSHA is going to be attending your event?"

"The Teamsters Union, Chuck Richardson, will be explaining the role that 631 will be playing," says Stanley Washington, with the Get Active Foundation.

So we called Richardson, the Construction Instructor with Teamsters Local 631. He actually says, he's not attending this event. We told the Foundation, which says this was a last minute change.

But Contact 13 was able to confirm a representative from the Carpenters Union will be discussing drug testing. And Vegas PBS will have information on earning your GED. The Foundation also hopes to have someone from the Nevada Attorney General's office, but admits it's not a sure thing.

"No one has responded. But the invitation has been extended," says Ms. Jackson.

Just like the first flyer, this new one reads: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! But this time the fine print includes a disclaimer, this is not a job fair. Another change: the first flyer specifically asked for black men and women.

"But your flyer has changed now, where everybody is welcome," says Tricia "Absolutely! Everybody was welcome in the beginning, it just wasn't expressly said," says Mr. Washington.

Another thing I asked about was the $2 charge at the door. They tell me they're not looking to make a profit. They just want to cover the cost of renting out Cashman Theater. And we did confirm they've booked the space, that's expected to cost them more then $2,200.