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Popular new consumer app created by local

Posted at 3:52 PM, Sep 28, 2015

A new app is helping consumers get their money back and one of the men behind it is from Southern Nevada.

"It's like, here, here's money back. So it's nice," said Alisha Smith.

Taylor and Alisha Smith said it's easy.

"We saved on books," Taylor said. "We saved on art supplies. We saved on clothes."

The app is called Paribusand it helps get consumers their money back when prices fall on things they buy online. People can download the app and it scans their inboxes for purchase receipts. When something is bought on sale, Paribus contacts that store and automatically collects the difference for the consumer.
"I think one time we had a pair of Dockers we bought for $50, and it went on sale for $35," Taylor said. "So they sent us $15."

Paribus keeps track of store rules and many offer money back if something goes on sale within 7 to 14 days. Others make the same offer for up to 60 days.

It turns out the co-founder of the app is from Clark County.

"I grew up in Green Valley," said Eric Glyman. "Lived there for 18 years of my life. It's my home."

Glyman is the CEO of Paribus and now lives in San Francisco. He came up with the idea while working in retail. He saw just how much money customers were spending with no idea on upcoming sales just days later.

"When we started on this 2 years ago, Amazon was changing around 250,000 prices everyday," he said. "And now they're changing around 80,000,000 prices every single day."

One thing with Paribus is any money consumers get back, Paribus keeps 25 percent. But the company doesn't make anything unless consumers get something.