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Local driver gets money for damaged car

Posted at 2:48 PM, Mar 19, 2016

A valley man says his car was damaged but the party responsible, wasn't willing to help. So he reached out to Contact 13 and our Call For Action volunteers got results.

"It's been a great car," says Vincent Rader.
This is Vincent's baby. It's a 1997 Mercedes, 320 S Class. But the antenna was recently broken, when he pulled into the parking lot at work.
"You have to swipe your badge at the gate and then the gate opens and you go through," says Vincent.
But on this particular morning, the gate came down, right on the back end of his car.
"You can see where it hit the glass and made a mark, and hit the antenna, and it bent the antenna," says Vincent.
Vincent spoke with the property manager. They looked into the issue, and reviewed security cameras in the lot.
"A week or 2 later they finally responded saying, that they see it was their fault, and they would do the repairs," says Vincent.
But Vincent says after that, he started getting the runaround. No one would return his calls.
"This went on for like 2 or 3 months... I was frustrated and furious," says Vincent.
That's when Vincent reached out to Contact 13, and our Call For Action volunteers made a call.
"Right away I got a response. Like the same day. You know. I was shocked," says Vincent.
Not long after that, he finally got a check for $125, to replace his antenna. Vincent couldn't be happier.
So here's the Contact 13 bottom line: when you're not getting the help you need from any business, don't back down. You have rights. Don't be afraid to ask for a supervisor, and talk to as many people as it takes.