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CALL FOR ACTION: Valley woman helped after package is lost

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 02:52:48-04
When shipping a package to a loved one, you don't want to hear they never got it. But that's why we buy insurance, right?
Well one valley woman says that didn't help her. That's when she reached out to Contact 13's Call For Action volunteers for help.
"I was heart broke," says JoAnne Licko.
She was so disappointed when her grandkids didn't get her package. Inside were $40 in Target gift cards, plus a couple 30-year-old Cabbage Patch dolls. A picture shows her granddaughter playing with one of them, while visiting from Illinois.
"We decided they were 2 and 4, they're old enough to get the dolls and they were really excited," says JoAnne.
So when the package disappeared, she picked up the phone.
"While I was talking to them, they said well it was just delivered. I said well my son is home and he's got nothing," says JoAnne.
She tried to get answers for nearly 4 months but says she was just passed from one person to another.
"They sent me from pillar to post," says JoAnne.
She paid $17.90 for shipping, plus another $50 for insurance. But she was told the lost package wasn't covered, because she didn't have the original receipts for the dolls.
"It was crazy. But I was just determined it was wrong, and they had to make it right," says JoAnne.
That's when she reached out to Contact 13's Call For Action. Our volunteers made a call, and JoAnne finally saw some results.
"It was about a week, and all of a sudden I got a check. I'm glad I got the check, and I'm glad they finally did what was right. But they shouldn't have to be forced to do it," says JoAnne.
So here's the Contact 13 bottom line. When buying insurance to ship a package, make sure you understand the coverage terms. And if you're package is lost or stolen, file a claim right away.