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Bully attacks from unknown number

Posted at 11:00 PM, Sep 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-30 20:27:15-04

There's no shortage of ways for bullies to attack. The smartphone makes it especially easy. Now a day after warning you about one dangerous app, 13 Action News is learning about others.

An inappropriate text message was sent to a 16-year-old from Las Vegas. The message came from an unknown number and the victim responded by filing a police report. 

His mother also tried calling the number and says a recording told her it was a Pinger user. Pinger is just one of many different apps where users get a new phone number, without a wireless carrier plan.

That makes it easy for teens to send a message without being identified. 

The victim's mother reached out to Pinger and they blocked any of their users from contacting her son's number again. 

Contact 13 also called, and Pinger says it understands and wants to make sure people aren't misusing their app. So they've created a legal compliance team that works with law enforcement in these situations.

And if anyone gets an unwanted message from a Pinger user, simply respond with the word "stop" and the user will automatically be blocked.

If you're contacted by a bully through any app or social media, never be afraid to report it to police, plus the app company or website.

Click here to report cyberbullying.