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Construction workers at Monte Carlo say they haven't been paid in 3 weeks

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jan 05, 2018

Construction workers at the Monte Carlo contacted 13 Action News for help after they say they haven't been paid in weeks.

The union workers are working under subcontractors to do framing work outside the casino more than 300 feet in the air on scaffolding.

But some say they haven't gotten their checks in three weeks.  "It's always an excuse," one of them says.

Friday, dozens of them walked out, refusing to go back on the job site until the checks are paid.

They're working under a subcontracting company called APS Solutions, based in New York.  We reached the company, who tells us MGM has given them their money, but there was a problem with their payroll distribution company.

Vincent Caccamo with APS says this is their first project in Las Vegas, and moving forward, they're planning to have a payroll system locally in Nevada to avoid situations like this from happening again.

In the meantime, one of the workers says he's concerned for his family, saying he got an eviction notice because his rent is past due.

"I'm not risking my life every day for this, I just want my money," he says.

Union workers typically work with many different companies for each construction job.  Some have been working in the field for decades, and say they've never seen something like this happen.

We reached out to MGM.  They tell us they're aware of the situation as well, and are also working to get the employees their checks as soon as possible.