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Congressman Horsford admits to extramarital affair, opponents react

Posted at 6:10 PM, May 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-18 03:18:03-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Democratic Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada has acknowledged he had an extramarital affair with a woman who said the on-and-off relationship began in 2009 before ending last September, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Horsford said in a statement released to the AP that he had a consensual relationship with another adult outside of his marriage over the course of several years.

In the podcast called "Mistress for Congress" Gabriela Linder, who goes by the name "Love Jones," claims she had an affair with Horsford on and off for about 10 years.

A spokeswoman for Horsford indicated he does not plan to resign, as at least one Republican opponent suggested.

Statements from other candidates running for NVCD4 against incumbent Horsford.

Jennifer Eason, Democratic candidate for NVCD4:

As the best Progressive choice for NVCD4, my thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the unfortunate situation surrounding Congressman Horsford.
I believe it to be a private matter between him and his family, and the privacy requested should be granted to his wife and children.
I believe Representative Horsford is an ineffective legislator for our district for a myriad of reasons unrelated to this.
NVCD4 deserves a representative who is committed to significant criminal justice and sentencing reform, Medicare for ALL, and a clear and unwavering commitment to addressing climate change.
People want access to affordable housing and job resources, are tired of the disparities in healthcare and education for black and brown communities, and expect their Congressperson to simply be present and accountable in the district. It is his or her responsibility to advocate for legislation to empower residents and address the unique needs of this very diverse electorate.
Nevada’s working families have been desperately seeking relief from the rising cost of every day living, only to have those pleas fall on the ears of representatives who continue to put profit over people and consistently put the needs of casino execs and corporations above all else.
I’m going to focus on how my vision for NVCD4 will improve the every day lives of working families who are having to work harder for less.

Lisa Song Sutton, Republican candidate for NVCD4:

First, I call on Steven Horsford to resign from congress. In addition, I call on the House Ethics Committee to begin an immediate investigation into Congressman Horsford’s actions as they relate to this longtime, extramarital affair, similar to the investigation that occurred with his immediate predecessor, disgraced former Congressman Ruben Kihuen.
The people of Nevada’s 4th District deserve to know if any of our taxpayer dollars funded Steven Horsford’s nefarious activities.
I speak to voters every single day who do not feel like they are being heard by Congressman Steven Horsford. His lack of community involvement was a key factor in my deciding to run for this position.
Given this news, I am infuriated. I am infuriated for Nevadans of the 4th district.
This just solidifies what we already knew: that we deserve better representation. We are in the middle of an economic and health crisis. Nevada's economy has taken a beating and our community is on the ropes.
We have nearly 500,000 Nevadans on unemployment.
Our largest sources of revenue for the state: tourism, hospitality, gaming, and mining, have been severely impacted with a long road to recovery. We need a strong leader who is going to be 110 percent focused on rebuilding our economy and taking swift action FOR the people.
This seat has been plagued by distractions and scandals by men who cannot stay focused on their responsibilities because they are too busy chasing women. Horsford is not fit to lead us. His family will be in my prayers.

Sam Peters, Republican candidate for NVCD4:

Congressman Horsford should be immediately investigated over these allegations of financial payoffs, and, if the allegations are true, resign at once.
It is especially horrendous that Horsford is focused on a cover up of an extramarital affair while his focus should be on his congressional responsibility during the current pandemic and economic downturn greatly affecting his constituents.
Public service is a sacred trust and something I take very seriously.
While I served in the United States Air Force, we learned and lived by the core values of integrity, service, and excellence.
When I am in Congress, I will uphold the integrity of the office and represent the constituents of Nevada with these same values.
If Congressman Horsford violated this sacred trust, he must resign immediately.