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Thrown rocks shatter woman's window on highway

Posted at 11:18 PM, Mar 10, 2016
A woman's car window being shattered while she cruised down a valley highway has raised concerns about people throwing rocks at cars.
Louise Aberle was commuting to work on Summerlin Parkway when she heard a noise that made her think she was being shot at.
She looked back and saw her rear window shattered. Then the car started to vibrate.
"It just is scary because it's like you have a blowout," Aberle said. "That's the kind of impact it was on the car. It just shook that bad."
When she pulled over, she discovered several white rocks in her backseat.
Nevada Highway Patrol says it's not uncommon for people to throw rocks at moving cars.
It's a frustrating problem for troopers that's difficult to patrol.
"We have citizens who are just driving to work or trying to get where they're going and now their day is ruined because their property has been damaged or maybe they got injured," said Trooper Jason Buratczuk of Nevada Highway Patrol. "I really don't think the people who are doing this realize how dangerous it is."
Aberle wasn't hurt and considers herself one of the lucky ones.
"It's a scary thing because I have grandkids that sit in there and it could've hit my windshield," she said. "I probably would have lost control of the car."
Buratczuk says NHP has caught people who have thrown rocks at cars. If the damage is superficial, the person will be issued a citation. There could be jail time if the damage is more serious or causes injury.