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Community trying to help ducks after their pond was drained

Posted at 11:11 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 09:37:36-04

Members of the community are rallying together to save about 40 ducks battling the heat after their pond was drained in North Las Vegas.

Tiffany Hansen says she noticed the pond was drained about six weeks. When it never got refilled, she started making calls to inquire about the pond and started taking care of the ducks.

"Animal cruelty, parks and recreation, everybody, I've called everybody, and nobody has any answers on when they are gonna get this pond back up," said Hansen.

Hansen comes to City View Park a few times a week to give the ducks fresh water and food. She says other people in the community do the same thing and she knows that because there are multiple water bowls and a kiddie pool at the park.

"It's one thing if the temperatures are decent and they have water to swim in, but they have no water, and they have no food, they have no anything," said Hansen. "They hardly have any shade."

We reached out to the city of North Las Vegas about the pond and the ducks. A spokeswoman tells 13 Action News the pond and the nearby golf course needs repair but there isn't a timeline right now. The spokeswoman says she and her team want the community to stop feeding and watering the ducks so they will become less dependent on them and find their way to new water at Kiel Ranch.

Hansen says the ducks are too dependent and will never be able to find the water.

"They are 100% dependent on us," said Hansen.