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Community picnic for government workers in Las Vegas

Posted at 8:01 PM, Jan 26, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Government workers missed their second paycheck this week because of the partial government shutdown. For many, it's been difficult to pay the bills and provide for their families.

Community members know many in Las Vegas have been impacted by the shutdown and invited them for a day of food and fun at Sunset Park Saturday afternoon.

Dozens of families showed up and one of them were the Butlers.

The past 35 days have been stressful for Nicole and her husband who was a furloughed TSA agent at McCarran International Airport.

"I couldn't drive somewhere because I didn't have enough gas money and I had to make sure to budget. I've applied for so many jobs while my husband was working without pay," said Butler.

Nicole told 13 Action News they were getting around by foot.

She had a hard time explaining to her seven-year-old son, Ryan, the current situation they were in.

"I didn't let the boys know what was going on, we just did a lot of walking," said Nicole.

But Saturday’s act of kindness seemed to brighten things up a bit.

"For the last month, they've been worried about when their paycheck is going to come from? Not going out and having a good time with the kids," said Forest Williams who planned the picnic event in 48 hours.

Government employees were treated to food, games, haircuts, and even had jumping castles for the kids.

Ryan was very happy after spending much of the afternoon playing his mom and other kids.

"Every time I turned around, someone was giving us something," said Williams.

Several businesses across the valley reached out to him to offer donations.

"For someone to come together as a group and do something like this for everyone is great," said a government employee.

President Trump signed a bill to temporarily reopen the government on Fridays but federal employees continue to worry about their future.

"It's not a one for-one reset."

"It's a band-aid! Right now, I feel scared, I feel nervous," said Nicole.

In the meantime, they hope their paychecks come sooner rather than later.