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Community celebrates the life of local pastor who died in canoe accident

Posted at 6:26 PM, Sep 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-01 21:30:50-04

The community is celebrating the life of a local pastor.

Steve Willis died in Alaska during an anniversary trip with his wife back in July. Saturday, the congregation together with his loved ones held services at the First Christian Church on Rancho near the 95 where Pastor Steve used to preach.

The church was packed with people paying tribute to Pastor Steve. 

Sheri Willis, Steve's wife says, "As a husband he did everything that tried to make me happy. If I never experienced her before he tried to make sure he could do it."

Pastor Steve was remembered as a loving husband, father and minister. 

Inside the church, there were pictures from when Steve was a toddler to his service in the national guard to his life as a pastor. There was a bucket of his favorite sweets and all over the place were superman memorabilia - his favorite superhero. 

Daphne Willis, daughter of the late pastor, says, "He would tell jokes and pull pranks and make sure everyone was having a good time."

For daughter Daphne, her dad was the real superman.  "If I could be half the person he was then I've succeeded."

The canoe accident in Alaska that took the pastor's life happened a little over a month ago. But even when he's gone, his story continues to touch peoples lives

"He's just the best," says Daphne.