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Community blames neighbor for ongoing pot odor

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 10, 2016
Members of the northwest community Iron Mountain Ranch are fired up over their neighbor lighting up.
"My back door being open, and I being in my own kitchen minding my own business and having the smell of skunk in my kitchen," complained neighbor Nicole Andrews.
Parents say they're furious over one neighbor who stinks up the block with pot. He has a prescription for medical marijuana, and he smokes it in his backyard. The smell travels.  
Lisa Thomas says it all started two weeks ago when she had a gathering in her backyard and the smell ruined the party. She lives directly behind the home where the smoker lives.
"I climbed up on my chair, looked up over and said, 'hey excuse me are you guys back there smoking marijuana?'" she asked her neighbor. "Initially I was told no, not at all, and I said well that's funny because I know you have the prescription for it and that's exactly what I smell and you were just on the side of the house."
Thomas says the children in the area are the center of concern.
"We've had issues regularly where we are outside playing and I have to bring the kids inside," said Thomas. "I can't keep my windows open. I can't enjoy the fresh air."
13 Action News sat down with the smoker himself, Keyn Jenkins, who wasn't shy about telling us where he smokes.
"You go straight out that way and it's around the corner," Jenkins said. "It's right over there."
 Not too long ago, Jenkins was in a terrible car crash that left him with major brain damage. 
 "We started sliding out of control," he recounts.
His doctor prescribed medical marijuana. It's one of 15 medications he takes daily. According to state law, Keyn has the right to smoke medical marijuana on his property so long as it's out of public view. Technically, they are several second-story windows that look straight into his yard, so it is a violation. 
However, police must visibly see the activity with their own eyes in order to take legal action. With the brick walls that surround Keyn's home, it's nearly impossible. Keyn says he smokes outside because his family is trying to sell the home.
The homeowners association says Keyn isn't breaking any of their rules, but they will send him a letter asking him to be courteous of his neighbors.