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Committee meets to discuss breaking up CCSD

Posted at 7:31 PM, Oct 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-12 22:31:26-04
It looks like big changes are coming to the Clark County School District.
A legislative committee met Monday to begin discussing how to reorganize one of the country's largest districts.
The idea is to figure out a way to spread control out more locally to the schools, because it can be difficult for a single administration to meet all the needs of Clark County's large and diverse district.
Some parents support the law requiring the changes because they're frustrated with the district's red tape.
"We had a water problem with one of the pipes at our middle school and it took two weeks to get through the bureaucracy," said Annalyn James, a parent of children who go to a rural school.
Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky presented his vision for reorganization to legislators. He proposed creating seven local precincts, each run by its own superintendent who would report to him.
"I would not be dictating programs," Skorkowsky said. "I would not be dictating anything except for the goals they're required to meet under the Pledge of Achievement."
The advisory committee had plenty of questions, including about the county's teacher shortage.
State Senator Michael Roberson, the committee chair, said to Skorkowsky, "We've got to figure out this teacher vacancy and I know you're working hard at it but it's the elephant in the room."
Skorkowsky replied by saying the precincts would have the power to create hiring incentives and "pay-for-performance" structures.
The district plans to issue bonds to raise the money for these changes that need to be implemented by the 2017 school year.