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Commissioners give solar customers new hope

Posted at 12:33 PM, Jan 25, 2016
Dozens showed up Monday for the Public Utilities Commission meeting.
The vast majority of public comments centered on solar energy, and how much customers can sell back excess energy they produce off their own panels.
The meeting lasted several hours and most of the time was taken up by public comment. Many who spoke own solar panels. Some are retired and worry that the new rates for buying back rooftop solar energy will cost them way too much, more than they anticipated.
On Dec. 22, Nevada commissioners adopted a policy that increases fixed electricity fees and reduces the rate NV Energy pays solar homeowners for putting excess power back on the grid.
On Monday, the PUC decided to keep talking about grandfathering, that is, letting those who already have the panels and are plugged into the system take advantage of the old rates.
Also Monday, NV Energy announced it wants to let existing net energy metering customers remain on old rules possibly for two decades. The company will submit its proposal on Feb. 1 to the PUC.
The rehearing will be Feb. 8.