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Colder weather means rodents, scorpions and spiders move into your home

Posted at 10:53 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 02:36:29-05
There may have been some gorgeous weather around the valley lately but the winter chill is in the air. People won't be the only ones trying to stay warm.
Red Rock Pest Control says rats, spiders and scorpions will be trying to make their way in your home so they can stay warm too.
"The bugs and rodents like to move inside like the rest of us," said Red Rock Pest Control's Jeffrey Blum.
Blum warns these critters and rodents can fit in small crevices.
"They can fit their heads into anything the size of a quarter so if they can get their heads in, they can get their bodies in," said Blum.
The perfect storm for rats is a backyard with citrus fruit trees, a pool, nearby construction and close proximity to the desert. If you fall into that category, Red Rock Pest Control wants you to be prepared by preventing these rodents from getting into your home.
Trim your tree branches because the rats can jump onto your roof and then get into your home. Fill in holes you may have around your house, maybe even your doggie door.
If you think you cannot afford pest control services, you may be wrong.
Red Rock Pest Control does free estimates and says they will work with their customers to make sure rats and other critters stay out of your home. Their phone number is 702-518-2580.