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Clown threats include multiple Las Vegas valley high schools

Posted at 11:57 PM, Oct 04, 2016
Facebook threats from creepy clown profiles are reaching a new level in the valley.
Multiple high schools are now allegedly being targeted, including in nearby Nye County.
Somebody behind a profile called "Jerry Springers" posted a schedule of the Las Vegas-area high schools they were claiming to visit this week.
El Dorado High School was listed for Tuesday. Canyon Springs High School, Legacy High School and Las Vegas High School were also mentioned.
In addition, we continue to get emails from 13 Action News viewers showing frighteningly personal messages the clowns are sending.
One said, "You won't have a dad tomorrow. He works as a bartender right?"
Students at El Dorado say it has to be a joke.
"I just hear a lot of people talking about it and I just don't believe it," said Francisco Mendez, a junior.
Clark County School District Police says it's taking all the messages seriously, but it hasn't found any of the threats to be credible.
In other parts of the country, clown-related crimes have led to arrests.
A 13-year-old girl in Virginia is accused of asking someone with a clown profile to murder her teacher.
That appears to be an extreme case.
Students at Chaparral High School, where the threats first started circulating here, told us the phenomenon has petered out considerably since last week when we first reported this story.