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Class-action lawsuit filed against NV Energy

Posted at 8:50 AM, Jan 15, 2016
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Nevada Power Company/NV Energy in connection to the recent controversy about the solar program.
The lawsuit, which was filed by John Bamforth and Stanley Schone, accuses NV Energy of providing false and/or incomplete information to the State of Nevada Public Utilities Commission regarding recommended rate changes.
The lawsuit alleges that NV Energy conspired to "unlawfully reduce the incentives provided via the Solar Program, increasing base rates or service charges only for solar customers in order to reduce competition and increase their own revenues."
Despite the lawsuit, the recommended rate changes have caused many problems for employees of solar companies. 
"It was kind of a shock to a lot of people, but we were staying pretty optimistic until we got out no work order," said Jose Pena, former employee at Sunrun Solar. 
Pena, like many of his coworkers, was given the option to relocate for work with Sunrun, but opted out. 
Despite losing his job, Pena said he doesn't agree with the decisions made by NV Energy and the PUC because there is still room for the solar industry to grow in Nevada. 
"I mean there are thousands of costumers we could have sold to. It's a huge industry or potentially huge industry"