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Clark County urges 1 October victims, survivors to utilize Vegas Strong resiliency center

Posted at 12:02 AM, Jan 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-27 03:02:12-05

"The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center" is not getting the foot traffic it expects.

They say 1 October victims aren't utilizing the center set up to provide support for them.

Shawna Bartlett is one of the many 1 October survivors who hasn't been to the center.

"I personally felt there was a lot more people at the time that needed the assistance first and foremost that I did."

The center is a one stop referral hub for anyone affected by the mass shooting.

Victims and survivors can walk in, fill out paperwork, and the staff will connect them to resources that fit their needs.

But Shawna says there's been a disconnect.

"It's the lack of information. It's the lack of knowledge. It's the lack of... Even us as survivors knowing about it."

Another factor why only few utilized the center's services: we all heal differently.

Monique Cox, a therapist at the resiliency center says, "Sometimes people aren't just ready. It might be too much. For the ones that are ready. For the ones that kind of come in immediately through therapy, we get through it faster."

Clark County's assistant manager, Kevin Schiller, says they're constantly checking in with current clients, and reaching out to others who haven't stopped by - providing over the phone services even those from out of state.

"We also have referrals to attorneys. Those that can assist with some of those processes including the behavioral health side, wellness, well being."

Meanwhile, Bartlett says she is working with the center to help more survivors like her heal through  a support group.

"We as survivors can just meet and start our healing process that needs to be, obviously we need to be dealing with."

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