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Clark County School District investigates 'take my BREATH away' poster with George Floyd image

Community groups emphasize more eduation needed
Posted at 9:38 PM, Feb 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-20 01:02:50-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Clark County School District says it is investigating a photograph circulating online that has left many residents in the Las Vegas valley outraged and in disbelief.

The picture shows what looks to be a student holding up a Sadie Hawkins dance poster. On the poster is a depiction of George Floyd and the words, "If you went to SADIES w/ me it would take my BREATH away."

The girl holding the poster has a smile on her face and is posing in what seems to be a high school sports field.

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Comments and messages on social media are calling it unacceptable.

For many, it brings back the feelings of when Floyd died, a moment in the history of our country that so many are still trying to cope with.

"We were outraged," said Jshauntae Marshall, the co-founder of No Racism in Schools #1865.

"I was angry and I was saddened," she continued, recalling how parents were sending over information and alerting the campaign about the photo.

"It's a really difficult pill to swallow," said Marshall. "We have to digest it every time something like this happens."

Marshall says there is zero-tolerance for racism and ignorance is not an excuse. She points to resources like No Racism in Schools and says there is a guide for situations like this one, which includes education and mindfulness training.

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“The education will continue at both the school and community level," she said. "We have a turnaround plan that has been started, and we want to make sure that she understands -- as well as everyone else in the district -- that it is a no-tolerance zone, period."

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE | Watch the full interview with Jshauntae Marshall below.

Full interview with Jshauntae Marshall

The Anti-Defamation League also agrees that education is necessary to avoid more situations like this one.

"We need to talk to our kids more about prejudice and discrimination in all its forms," said Jolie Brislin, ADL Nevada regional director. "That they can be biased and that they can be allies."

"It's not just enough to have conversations about how we're similar, we need to talk about our differences,” said Brislin.

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE | Watch the full interview with ADL's Jolie Brislin below.

Full interview with Jolie Brislin with ADL

Both community groups have programs and resources to help those who would like to know more about what's being done to combat racism and bigotry, and also and how to have these types of conversations with kids.

Meanwhile, CCSD said in a statement the district is:

“...aware of the matter and is currently investigating. The District will not tolerate racially insensitive behaviors that contradict an inclusive community and impact the school culture of our students.

CCSD can not comment on individual student matters or discipline, we assure you the issue is being addressed.”

A similar message was sent out in a letter to Foothill High School parents. However, it is unclear if this particular student attends that high school.

For more information about No Racism in Schools visit noracisminschools.org.

For more information about the Nevada Anti-Defamation League visit lasvegas.adl.org.