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Clark County School District holds press conference to discuss inappropriate behavior by teachers

Posted at 8:42 AM, Apr 03, 2017

The Clark County School District, along with Clark County District Attorney's Office, held a press briefing on Monday morning to discuss efforts to educate all employees about inappropriate relationship between staff and students and sexual misconduct.

According to the school district, there have been 10 cases so far this school year of teachers engaging in inappropriate behavior with students.

In comparison, there were 10 cases each year for the school years of 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky said during the briefing that such cases are extremely concerning and that one case is one case too many. He also pointed out that CCSD has 18,000 teachers and 40,000 total employees and that such cases are rare.

Skorkowsky also talked about how inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. He also said that parents must be engaged with their children and students need to talk to each other and speak out if something inappropriate occurs.

Clark County DA Steve Wolfson also spoke about how inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and that teachers and other employees need to be aware that there will be consequences for inappropriate behavior.

The school district also showed a training video that has been developed to show all employees and talked about its social media guidelines.

CCSD police Capt. Young also talked about their efforts to curb inappropriate behavior between teachers and students.

Right now, CCSD does not have a social media policy between teachers and students, but they do have guidelines.  Officials say they will be working to develop a district wide policy, but they encourage parents to know what their kids are doing online. 

"Get nosy!" says CCSDPD's Ken Young.  "Know what's going on in your kids phone and computer system." 

During a question and answer session, the school district was asked about background checks and training efforts.

Skorkowsky closed the press briefing saying that CCSD will continue to work to make school a safe environment for its students.