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Clark County jurors asked to sit through 12-month trial

Summons went out last week for potential jurors
Posted at 6:45 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 21:45:55-05
Some people in Clark County are being asked to give up their day jobs for as long as a year. There were summons sent out for a new jury trial that could last up to 12 months. 
Judge Jennifer Togliatti is in the 8th Judicial District -- the same district where the potential 12-month trial is happening. She said the judge and attorneys decide who will have to serve.
"The judge will have to consider each and every person's hardship, if they have one, and compare that to everyone else's hardship in making determinations as to who might be excused," said Judge Togliatti.
She has served on a jury herself and admits that serving on a year-long jury is a big commitment. 
"It is a lot to ask," Judge Togliatti said.
If you are the sole caregiver for a sick family member or have a disability, they will consider relieving you from being on the jury.
But other issues, the court will try to work around -- like when one juror told Judge Togliatti he was allergic to wool. In that case, he was picked to be on the jury and the judge ordered everyone to wear something other than wool.
"You have people with real hardships, not just trying to get out of it, but telling you what their circumstances are and sometimes the court can work within those circumstances and plan the trial to accommodate certain needs of jurors," said Judge Togliatti. "And when we can do that, we do."
If you don't show up, you can be held in contempt of court and face a fine. In the case of a job, it's against the law to be fired for jury duty. Your workplace is required to hold your position, but pay is not guaranteed.